Tips for living a sustainable life in 2019 – The Five R’s


Instead of buying brand new furniture from IKEA (or wherever you buy your furniture), we recommend looking at getting second hand, whether that’s on Facebook Marketplace, Op Shops, garage sales or Gumtree. It’s cost effective and it cuts down on a lot of waste as we’re reusing used items. Even if the item isn’t in perfect condition, doesn’t mean you should throw It away. A lot of the population thinks once something is broken, we just throw it out (let’s be real, we’re all guilty of this). The best example is with furniture, it’s not hard to fix a tear in a chair, or a minor crack in a leg, plus it can kind of add to the aesthetics of the item.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Let’s think outside of the box, or we could just use the box for something else…see what I did?… In all seriousness, it’s not hard to repurpose items you already have, for example, you could create a wooden palate bedframe from the boxes you moved into your new property, or you could use old shirts as shopping bags.


Single Use – Why use something once, when you can continue to reuse it (in moderation). For example, if you have a water bottle that’s a disposable one for $1 from Coles, instead why don’t we look at getting a $3 one that’ll last more than one or two times, or if you’re a person who reuses the old bottles, they still have an expiry date. Instead, a metal or glass bottle would be a fantastic idea, they’re still reasonably cheap and if you’re keen on aesthetics they’re right up you to ally if you get the right one. Plus, you can get custom ones if that’s not good enough. This is the same with disposable cups when you get a coffee in the morning or shopping bags.

Photo by Kate Joie on Unsplash


We take so much from the earth, how about we give back a little. If you’re a property owner with the space to plant trees then you defiantly should even in your investment property, every little bit helps. For people renting I would advise you to look at small indoor plants (that don’t make a mess), or plants for small outdoor plats in your outdoor space.

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash


Make it your goal this year to create a sustainable home and live sustainably. Leave a smaller footprint on the planet in any way you can whether it’s using the above tips or your own tips.

Cover Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

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