Pet Legislation Change in the ACT

Pets are a part of our lives, the ACT government has realised this and is on-side with ACT Renters.

The ACT Government has been working on making it easier for renters to be approved even if they have pets, so landlords can’t discriminate against pet owners. The legislation change has also reinforced the rights of renters so they can now use blu tack and picture hooks in their rental properties. This change to legislation is still formally being processed but became released to the public in October 2018

In an interview with the Canberra Times, Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay said that “The ACT Government is committed to making sure that people, especially vulnerable people, in our community have the protection they need in the rental market”.

This is a huge improvement for renters as it strengths their chances of getting approved in a rental property in Canberra.

Landlords can still choose to refuse approval for their property for many reason. To increase your chances write a cover letter in an email to the agent, to make the process a bit more personal, theBerra will have an article in the future about improving your chances of getting approved for a rental property.

Tenants Union ACT is a good resource for current and future tenants to brush up on your rights as a tenant.

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

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